56th Parabolic Flight Campaign

The GRASP is involved in the development of the FOAM-C instrument for studying bubbles and foams on the International Space Station (ISS), within the ESA MAP project entitled “Hydrodynamics of wet foams“. The new equipment is currently tested in parabolic flights on board of the Airbus A300-zeroG in Bordeaux, France.

The double purpose of this campaign is : (i) testing the foam generation device foreseen for the ISS module and (ii) studying the foamability and stability of different solutions. Among others, our team will experiment the ability of pure water to foam without gravitational drainage. Different air/liquid ratios will be tested in order to emphasize the maximum foam volume that can be generated from a given amount of liquid. Anti-foaming agents will also be focused. From previous campaigns, we observed that their anti-foaming properties disappear when gravitational forces vanish… We will come soon to you with more quantitative results about this unexpected effect.

Reference : N.Vandewalle, H.Caps, G.Delon, A.Saint-Jalmes, E.Rio, L.Saulnier, M.Adler, A.L.Biance, O.Pitois, S.Cohen-Addad, R.Hohler, D.Weaire, S.Hutzler, D.Langevin, Foam Stability in Microgravity, J. Phys. Conf. Series 327, 012024 (2011) – open access article


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