Faraday instability at foam/water interface

Foams are common fluid entities of our everyday life. Our group is, among others, involved in ESA projects on the foam generation and stability under microgravity [1]. On Earth, the gravitational drainage dries the foam such that an interface between the foam and the liquid pool is observed.

In a recent paper [2], the dynamics of this foam/liquid interface has been investigated. The idea of this research is to see this interface as a separation between two fluids, characterized by a given (effective) surface tension. By vertically shaking the system, the forcing acceleration faces this effective surface tension and, above a critical threshold, causes the emergence of Faraday waves. Different threshold values have been observed as a function of the foam properties. A phenomenological model has been proposed.

[1] N.Vandewalle, H.Caps, G.Delon, A.Saint-Jalmes, E.Rio, L.Saulnier, M.Adler, A.L.Biance, O.Pitois, S.Cohen-Addad, R.Hohler, D.Weaire, S.Hutzler, D.Langevin, Foam Stability in Microgravity, J. Phys. Conf. Series 327, 012024 (2011) – PDF
[2] A.Bronfort and H.Caps, Phys. Rev. E 86, 066313 (2012) – PDF


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