Maxwell’s demon in space


In our last article published in Phys. Rev. E, we show how dynamical clustering triggers the Maxwell’s demon in microgravity experiments. In the framework of the ESA SpaceGrains project, we realized numerical simulations in order to test the granular Maxwell’s demon, i.e. localized clustering, in space environment.

Depending on the total number N of particles present in the whole system, several clustering modes are encountered and a corresponding bifurcation diagram is obtained. Moreover, an iterative model based on the measured particle flux F as well as a theoretical model giving the asymptotical steady states are used to validate our results. The obtained results are promising and can provide new ways to manipulate grains in microgravity.

E.Opsomer, M.Noirhomme, N.Vandewalle, and F.Ludewig, How dynamical clustering triggers Maxwell’s demon in microgravity, Phys. Rev. E 88, 012202 (2013) – PDF


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