Antiresonant droplets [update]

update : paper published

GRASP | Soft Matter | University of Liège

ProlateWhen a droplet bounces onto a surface of the same liquid, coalescence occurs. This can be avoided by vibrating the liquid bath leading to a periodic bouncing. The bouncing mechanism is complex and depends strongly on the forcing parameters as shown in our previous works [1-3]. Depending on the droplet size, bouncing droplets may behave as a quantum analog, called a walker (see our Quandrop project). In a preprint that we posted on arxiv [4], we show that it is possible to select the size of droplets using droplet resonance. In this case, the droplet deformations, which are extremely sensitive to droplet size, are closely linked to the bouncing mechanism. It is also possible to “kill” one droplet size using antiresonance. The latter phenomenon corresponds to a phase shift of pi/2 between bouncing and droplet deformations. In the movie below, we show an application of our resonance/antiresonance…

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