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Mimicking wet colloidal suspensions with dry granular media

Athermal two-dimensional granular systems are exposed to external mechanical noise leading to Brownian-like motion. Using tunable repulsive interparticle interaction, it is shown that the same microstructure as that observed in colloidal suspensions can be quantitatively recovered at a macroscopic scale. … Continue reading

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The way antifoaming agents act

In many industrial processes, foams are unwanted products. In order to destroy them, antifoaming agents are used… without really knowing how they act. Those antifoaming agents are dispersions of small particles, which need to break foam films efficiently. We have … Continue reading

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without the hands…

We studied  the deformation of an elastic pipe submitted to gravity and to an internal fluid flow. The pipe is clamped horizontally at one end and free at the other end. As the fluid velocity increases, the shape changes from … Continue reading

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Cool Fluid Meeting

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Antiresonant droplets [update]

Originally posted on GRASP | Soft Matter | University of Liège:
When a droplet bounces onto a surface of the same liquid, coalescence occurs. This can be avoided by vibrating the liquid bath leading to a periodic bouncing. The bouncing mechanism…

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