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How to handle granulates in space ?

The peculiar behavior of granular materials in microgravity is a hard physics problem. In the dilute case, granular gases loose kinetic energy and may form clusters. In order to avoid this “cooling effect”, mechanical energy should be continuously injected in … Continue reading

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granular smoothie

For the last 11 years and following an original idea of the Nobel Prize Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, the ESPGG has been promoting researchers from Paris and outside by mean of plenary experimental conferences. More than 100 scientists have so presented … Continue reading

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Surface tension profiles in vertical soap films

Soap films are quite familiar objects that can be produced by simply pulling a frame out of a soapy water vessel. Carefully looking at this film reveals a horizontal succession of colored fringes. Those interferences fringes attest to both the … Continue reading

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Gallery of Fluid Motion [poster]

This image will be presented in a poster at the  Gallery of Fluid Motion (APS DFD, San Fransisco). A sophisticated compound droplet can be created on a fiber array. The picture shows a droplet with four different internal components.   

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gallery of fluid motion 2014

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