Ongoing projects

Quandrops (2012-2017) – ARC – Towards the origins of quantum physics within a classical system: mesoscopic physics of droplets and walkers – with P.Schlagheck, T. Bastin, J.Martin. See the dedicated website.

µMAST  (2012-2017) – PAI – Microfluidics and micromanipulation: multi-scale applications of surface tension – in collaboration with ULB, KUL, UMons.

ODILE (2011-2014) – FRFC – Organized Deposition Induced by Leidenfrost Effect – in collaboration with Pierre Colinet ULB – See the Post about Leidenfrost explosions.

“Bubbles” (2011-2013) – FNRS-PAN – Bouncing bubbles

“Balls” (2011-2013) – FNRS-CONACYT – Non-standard bouncing balls

“eDrops” (2012-2013) – ULg – Electrified droplets

“FIBERS” (2012-2016) – FRFC/FNRS – Fiber based microfluidic devices for biological applications. – in collaboration with the CIP, ULg.

MORECAR (2008-2013) – Feder / Wallonia Region – Development of models and numerical simulations for the rheology of fresh concrete and solid suspensions. – in collaboration with CSTC (Limelette) and CRIBC (Mons).

FOAM (1999-2013) – MAP/ESA – Microgravity Application Program : Hydrodynamics of wet foams – in collaboration with the groups of D.Langevin (Orsay, France), R.Holher (Marne-la-Vallée, France), D.Weaire (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland). See the post on our ISS experiments.

“SELF-ASSEMBLY” (2010-2012) – FSR ULg – Development of an experiment for studying directed self-assembly of floating objects using external magnetic fields. – See the post on the magnetic Cheerios effect. 

SPACE GRAINS (2011- ) – TT ESA – Development of an instrument for the study of granular gases in microgravity environment. – See the dedicated website 

Past projects and achievements

INANOMAT (2007-2011) – IAP/PAI – Study of the granular properties of inorganic materials. – Thesis of Eric Mersch : Study of the physical properties of charged grains. – Article PDF

POWPAQ (2008-2010) – First Spin-off/RW – Development of granular flow measurementsEquipments for the characterization of powders were developed within the APTIS platform. 

GRANULAR SYSTEMS (2002-2007) – ARC –  Dense granular systems.Characterization of flow behaviors and segregation. Equipment developed within the APTIS platform. 


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