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Filling a bouncing hollow ball

The bouncing ball problem was demonstrated to be a simple manner to experience chaotic behaviours. We studied a bouncing hollow ball which was filled with grains. On one hand, this procedure highly increases the number of freedom. On the other … Continue reading

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Antiresonant droplets [update]

When a droplet bounces onto a surface of the same liquid, coalescence occurs. This can be avoided by vibrating the liquid bath leading to a periodic bouncing. The bouncing mechanism is complex and depends strongly on the forcing parameters as … Continue reading

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Bouncing spring

In recent years, bouncing droplets have been studied [1,2] in our lab. We have also proposed to model bouncing droplets by bouncing springs [3], elastic deformations are assumed to capture surface tension effects while viscous damping is linked to internal … Continue reading

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Bouncing droplets : modes and bifurcations

A bouncing droplet can be sustained indefinitely on the surface of a liquid bath that is  oscillating vertically.  This physical system proves to be extremely rich with fascinating outcomes ranging from the manipulation of droplets without contact to experimental models … Continue reading

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Bouncing granular damper

When an object hits the floor, if the object does not break, it rebounds… or not. At least, for sure, the object never comes back at the origin of the falling. Indeed, the brutal impact dissipates energy. Only one single … Continue reading

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