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Gallery of Fluid Motion [poster]

This image will be presented in a poster at the  Gallery of Fluid Motion (APS DFD, San Fransisco). A sophisticated compound droplet can be created on a fiber array. The picture shows a droplet with four different internal components.    Advertisements

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Optofluidic biosensors on fiber arrays

In earlier works [1,2], we proved that fiber arrays are the basis of an open digital microfluidics. Droplets can be manipulated on fibers and various processes such as droplet motion, fragmentation, trapping, release, mixing and encapsulation were studied on fiber … Continue reading

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Capillary-driven buoyancy

Usual 3D buoyancy in fluids results form a difference in density between the immersed object and its surroundings. A simple question is : what happens in a nearly 2D systems such as soap bubbles or soap films ? In such … Continue reading

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Self-assembled microswimmers

Locomotion at low Reynolds number is a key physical mechanism [1] for microscopic living organisms, but has lots of technological applications like nanomachines and microrobots [2]. Our last paper [3] proposes a tricky experiment for generating low Reynolds swimming of … Continue reading

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3d printing revolution in the lab

Recent articles [1-3] emphasized the interest of 3d printing for scientists. In addition to pedagogical activities, during which students experience 3d models, scientific research can benefit a lot from such a technique. Scientists may build complex structures and may dream … Continue reading

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