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Antibubble as an interfacial shear rheometer

As described in a recent post, antibubbles are surprising fluid objects [1,2]. An antibubble is a spherical air film that is immersed in a surfactant mixture.  Since no stabilization process exists for the air film, the antibubble must die. Its … Continue reading

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Bouncing droplets for measuring elongational viscosity

When a droplet is gently deposited onto a vibrated liquid bath, the droplet could bounce repeatedly, avoiding coalescence. This peculiar behavior discovered in 2005 [1] is the starting point of an active research on pilot wave dynamics (see for example … Continue reading

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Wet sand flows better than dry sand

As any child knows, the best way to build a sandcastle is to use wet sand. Wet grains stick together due to capillary forces [1]. A castle made from dry sand will collapse under its own weight. However, we have demonstrated that, … Continue reading

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Powder rheometry

In a strong collaboration with the chemistry department within the APTIS technological platform, the GRASP has developed scientific instruments for characterizing the powder properties such as flowability, rheology, cohesion index, Carr index, and tap density measurements. Four instruments are now distributed … Continue reading

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