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Faraday instability at foam/water interface

Foams are common fluid entities of our everyday life. Our group is, among others, involved in ESA projects on the foam generation and stability under microgravity [1]. On Earth, the gravitational drainage dries the foam such that an interface between … Continue reading

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Antibubble as an interfacial shear rheometer

As described in a recent post, antibubbles are surprising fluid objects [1,2]. An antibubble is a spherical air film that is immersed in a surfactant mixture.  Since no stabilization process exists for the air film, the antibubble must die. Its … Continue reading

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News from the ISS

The GRASP is participating to the FOAM-S experiment [1,2], which aims to study the influence of microgravity on the foamability of liquid solutions.  The experiment benefited from a flight opportunity to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2009 during the stay … Continue reading

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Review on Antibubbles

Antibubble – An antibubble is a spherical shell of air suspended in a liquid and covering a liquid globule. On the picture below, spherical antibubbles are seen below the liquid surface. Before our first published work in 2003 [1], antibubbles … Continue reading

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Selected picture

After being selected for the APS March Meeting 2012 held in Boston, our picture of foam/soap bubbles is now shared around the world. Credits D.Terwagne.

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